We specialize in providing solutions for all industries and equipment including but not limited to:

Used and Refurbished Drilling and Energy Equipment:

  • Sourcing New and Used Equipment with Specialization in BOP and Top Drives
  • Locating assets worldwide
  • Drilling and Operational Supply
  • Control and Power Systems
  • Mechanical and Electrical Handling Equipment
  • Drilling Equipment – New and Used
    • Specialty in Top Drive Supply and Sourcing

Services Include:

  • Custom Engineered Solutions
  • Machine and Fabrication
  • Procurement of Hard to Find Parts and Material
  • One Stop Supply Chain and Procurement
  • Field Service; Mechanical, Hydraulic, and Electrical


We support operations and supply around the world, such as Venezuela, Peru, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Mexico, Nigeria, China, Dubai, Azerbaijan Republic, Caspian, Viet Nam, Singapore, Thailand, Malaysia, Australia, PNG, Gabon, Port Harcourt, Chile, Persian, Saudi, and more.